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••• galentine’s day •••


if you know me at all, you know that i LOVE the holidays. all of them. can’t get enough of them. i love having a reason to celebrate and get together with friends and family. gift giving is one of my most favorite things to do. this year, i’ve decided to get two of my closest girlfriends galentine’s day gifts 🙂 while i cherish all of my girl friends, i wanted to get gifts for those without partners

given the current political climate, i’ve been trying my best to practice radical kindness. now more than ever we need to celebrate strong, supportive women. galentine’s day (celebrated february 13) is a celebration of the wonderful gals in your life that you love! and i love love. i am all for any holiday that brings a little joy and light to life during the cold, snowy Boston winters

celebrating a holiday + random acts of kindness + women i love + supporting local businesses = ultimate bliss

first package: gifts for my beautiful friend who is rocking it out in california ~ getting her phd, surfing waves and working to bring environmental awareness to children globally
• first of all, these girl power socks. i can’t get enough of them. in fact i bought multiple pairs around christmas time to give out as gifts this year and i’m so glad i did! Blue Q motherfucking girl power socks bought at on centre in jamaica plain
• on centre is where i also picked up the heavenly scented american-made soy paddywax candle!
• heart sunglasses to wear as she travels around the globe from paper source in chestnut hill
• burt’s bees tinted lip gloss (in my favorite, red dahlia). i’ve always loved me some burts bees, but even more so after one of the co-founders gifted land to be designated as a national monument in maine last summer
• aura cacia rosehip oil serum i bought from whole foods in dedham. while i usually try to support my local co-op as often as i can, buying this face serum was a necessity. rosehip oil is a blessing (seriously buy yourself some as a love-day gift to yourself)
• tea! tea tea tea, who doesn’t love a warm cup of tea? i included my personal favorites. raspberry leaf is especially beneficial for women. cup-of-calm i imagine would be helpful in the life of a phd student, as would echinacea tea for an immune booster during these cooler months. traditional medicinal is my favorite brand of pre-packaged tea. awesome eco-conscious brand. i do love the women’s energy yogi tea with their uplifting tea-fortunes. all of the tea was bought from harvest co-op in jamaica plain… along with the deliciously organic justin’s peanut butter cups!


second package: gifts for my friend who is going through a rough break up. having endured my fair share of heartache, i am happy to send one along to her as well!
• i knew i had to get her milk and honey by rupi kaur. this book deserves its own post. beautiful book of poetry, written by a woman of color. healing and inspiring all in one. i bought this from the neighborhood gem of a bookstore in jamaica plain, papercuts j.p.
• i’m adding the yogi tea +traditional medicinal teas and peanut better cups (from harvest co-op in jamaica plain) in her package too!
• knee high socks from brookline booksmith in brookline
• little buddha candles from the charming store of joanne rossman’s (self-proclaimed) unnecessary & irresistible goods! i love stopping in to hear about what adventures joanne has been up to, give her pug miss rita rose some loving, and buy gifts for those i love. bonus that it’s located just minutes from my home in roslindale!


and last but not least, the card! i originally thought of making my own cards, as i knew finding “galentine’s day” cards might be difficult. but i of course found wonderful cards from my favorite place to buy cards (among other things!): birch street house and garden in roslindale. i found a sparkly card that i added my own personal touch to 🙂 packaged these gifts up in toddler shoe boxes i scored from my neighborhood’s buy nothing facebook group, which were the perfect size! wrapped the boxes in brown paper from grocery bags and will be stopping by the local post office tomorrow to send them off! xoxo_MG_8510.jpg